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Here are two customers testimonials:

"I just received your summer insects CD in the mail a few days ago and wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation. I have been suffering from tinnitus for two years now and this is the first CD I have found that is able to
provide 99% relief even at very low volume! Generally people recommend ocean or other water sound CDs yet I have never found them sufficiently effective
at providing relief for my tinnitus. Your summer insects CD provides the ideal blend of high frequency buzzing, hissing, humming, whirring, chirping and
droning which is ideal for tinnitus masking. Because of its complex blend of
high frequency sounds it is effective without high volumes which could make tinnitus worse. Aside from that it is also wonderfully soothing and enjoyable to listen to. I strongly urge you to recommend this CD for all tinnitus sufferers and create a link to tinnitus websites. It may seem like an
exaggeration but a simple CD like this can save lives and alleviate a great
deal of suffering for many people. Thank you so much!

Dan, from Nova Scotia, Canada

"I ordered Creeks & Waterfalls for my husband who cannot sleep without background sounds because of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I was getting tired of his somewhat artificial sounding "noise machine." I was looking for an alternative. He has played Creeks & Waterfalls on auto-loop for several nights now and has no trouble falling to sleep with it. Plus, I find it much more natural sounding, and more pleasant than the previous sound machine he used. Thank you for your great product."

Jessica, from Michigan

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Natural Tinnitus Relief / Masking CDs, MP3s

Over the years, some of my customers have been buying my nature sound CDs for natural Tinnitus masking relief. I have received the best feedback from two of my CDs, Creeks & Waterfalls, and Summer Insects Volume 1. Those with Tinnitus have told me that they found these sounds to work wonders. The sounds have been able to help them sleep, plus their spouses enjoy the sounds. I have put these two CDs into a two disc special for only $26.68. Individual CDs and MP3s are available for purchase on either our CD ordering or MP3 download pages. You might also like to try Shoreline Solitude: Superior Shore and Carolina Coast titles, which are also available in a two disc special.

Doctors have often suggested listening to white noise for Tinittus therapy. White noise can be an annoying sound to listen to, therefore most people don't listen long enough for it to work. Today, doctors are increasingly recommending that patients listen to nature sounds like creeks, waterfalls, ocean surf, and the like. Patients are far more likely to enjoy listening to the natural sounds, and therefore have a successful treatment.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, pronounced Ti-night-us, is a medical term defining a symptom of the inner ear which causes the patient to hear ringing, whining, pulsing, or whooshing sounds. Tinnitus is the most common hearing problem in the world, effecting over 36 million in the USA alone. There are several causes for Tinnitus; wax build up, infection of the inner ear, Meniere's syndrome, high blood pressure, brain tumors, or other issues. The most common cause of Tinnitus is exposure to loud sounds such as loud music, industrial machinery, gun fire, jet aircraft, or anything with high decibel levels. Microscopic nerve endings, in the inner ear, can fold and cause the brain to interpret a ringing sound. If you experience symptoms of Tinnitus, you should seek a medical diagnosis, since some of the reasons for the symptoms can be very serious. Tinnitus, in many cases, is not a permanent condition. Tinnitus can cause loss of sleep, irritability, lack of attention, among other effects.

How to treat Tinnitus?

There are many treatments depending on the severity of the condition, such as cochlear implants, electrical stimulus, drugs, and others. For non-serious conditions, sound therapy is often prescribed. Tinnitus is more bothersome in quiet environments. Sounds played at lower volumes can mask the ringing sound. This is often referred to as Tinnitus retraining, where you are training the ear and mind not to concentrate on the ringing sound. Sounds used to mask the ringing should be of varying pitch and tempo. In the past, doctors prescribed white noise boxes. Today, doctors have found that patients and those around them are more likely to listen to natural sounds. This is where Natureguy Studio CDs can be very helpful. Your Tinnitus may be temporary or permanent, but these two CDs should help you relax, sleep, and and improve the quality of your life. Consult with your doctor for specific treatment of your condition.

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